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Molly Papp, LMFT

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#1 Cheerleader

You ever come home from a hellish day at work, craving someone to tell you how you should have done things differently? Ummm, nope! After a stressful day, all you want (and need, really), is someone to hear you out. Every day we have to bite our tongues and be polite when interacting with other people, so after a long day it's wonderful to have someone to just listen to you vent. We all need to express our feelings in a totally uncensored way, and that's why it's nice to have a partner (or friend, for all the singletons out there) who will listen, even when they may not agree with you. Despite their prejudices, they'll agree with you that your boss is a jerk or your mom is a control freak. They'll rub your back and tell you that no, you aren't gaining weight or losing your hair, and it's okay to have another glass of wine and or skip the gym once and awhile. That's what being supportive in a relationship looks like. Because after dealing with everyone else's drama all day long, sometimes you just need to feel heard and respected. Having a partner who is your biggest cheerleader is important for that purpose. They aren't lying to you when they say they think you look amazing or your work ethic is totally underappreciated at work. They see you through rose-colored glasses, as your partner should. While the rest of the world sees you as you want to be seen, they see you as who you really are and accept that, flaws and all.