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Be Nice

Just a quick post today. This is some of the best advice I've learned in school- heck, that I've learned in life. No matter how angry you are, how sad, how furious, how betrayed, etc., remember one thing: Be nice. This is a person you love. So be nice to each other, no matter how hard that is. I'm not saying don't be honest, don't share how you feel. But don't call someone demeaning names or treat them like garbage. You will thank yourself later, trust me. If you're ending your relationship, you'll be the better person for it. And if you're just in a fight, you'll recover a lot faster if you haven't really hurt your partner's feelings. Because no matter how much they say they forgot you called them that...they didn't. And you know they'll bring it up someday, which will cause another fight. You wouldn't treat a stranger like that, so why is it okay to treat your lover that way? So remember to just be nice, no matter how hard it is.