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Molly Papp, LMFT

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"You look great baby; wow am I lucky to have you!" That is one sentence I rarely hear from my husband. A lot of men are like this. They don't notice your new highlights, $150 jeans, or that you spent two hours getting ready. It's not that they don't appreciate when you look good, it's just that they aren't as vocal as women. Girls will scream, "OMG girl, love the red lips; you look hot!" They'll notice everything from your cute coral nail polish to your new Marc Jacobs purse. Men just see the overall picture and mostly keep their comments to themselves. It may seem annoying sometimes that he doesn't compliment you much (especially if you're the type, like myself, to always tell your man how handsome he looks) but just because he doesn't say it out loud doesn't mean he doesn't feel it. Just like saying "I love you," women will often say it much more than their mates. Also, remember that while he may not compliment you when you're looking sexy in a black mini dress, he also doesn't criticize you when you're sitting around in your dirty sweats with unbrushed hair, glasses and no makeup. He loves you and thinks you're beautiful no matter what- really. Don't expect him to notice the small stuff (cute or ugly). It's like men see the world without their contacts and women have Lasik-perfect vision. It may be annoying to get more praise from your girls than your boyfriend, but at 7:00am when I look like the "before" pictures on Extreme Makeover, I'd much rather be seen through foggy eyes than 20/20 vision.