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Date Night

If you live with the person you love, you tend to see them a lot. You brush your teeth together in the morning and at night, battle over TiVo space, and share those oh-so-fun chores like cleaning hair out of the shower drain and doing the dishes. You tend to do a lot of the stuff you didn't do when you were first dating. No taking two hours to get ready to make sure you're scrubbed, lotioned, and perfumed. No chewing minty gum all the type in preparation for those impromptu kisses. And no wearing sexy underwear (matching sets, preferably) to bed. After a couple years, it's more like his old undershirts and maybe some cute pj bottoms. While there is a wonderful intimacy that comes from being completely comfortable around your partner, there is a loss of shine in a long-term relationship. You simply don't have to try as hard anymore. It's game over, you've won. But how then do you keep the relationship special and sexy when you share a toilet? Here are ten tips for keeping each other interested year after year. In truth, you DO have to try hard, just in a different way:
1. Kiss each other hello, goodbye, good morning, and good night- everyday
2. Make time to get dressed up and go out together (happy hours are a great cheap option)
3. Cook for each other- food is love
4. Surprise each other with a special present (it can be big or small, like a video game, movie, or flowers)
5. Do something to help your partner out- if they need to go to the post office but don't have time, help them out
6. Take a little extra time to get ready- for yourself and your partner. Feeling great about yourself is important because it helps remind your partner that you're hot and they're lucky to have you!
7. Give compliments to each other
8. Remember to say thank you for things- don't take each other for granted
9. Do new things together (mini golf, picnic, car racing, baseball game, etc.)
10. Take turns giving and receiving in the bedroom, and change it up. Even something as fun as sex can get boring and routine if you do it the same every time. Use your imagination! Try talking about fantasies, doing it in different areas of your place, or playing sexy games with each other. It is possible to make it exciting again.