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Drunk Talk

How do you act when you drink? Are you happy, angry, emotional? Some girls will turn into free-spirited strippers after too many Cape Cods, while others drunk-dial old loves to reminisce about what went wrong. Other gals get angry and spew insults at their boyfriends. Do you think alcohol makes you more of who you are or does it distort your personality? Either way, drinking is both a fun and dangerous activity to do with your partner. It lowers your inhibitions, so no matter what kind of drunk you are, you do tend to open up more. Intense, deep conversations may occur only when you're buzzed and it's not so scary to talk about marriage or your fear of dying. You can use these opportunities to really connect with your partner in a good way. But the flip side of this coin is the arguments and tears that alcohol can also bring. More truthful conversations can bring up dormant issues that only lead to arguments. So, what do you do when you want to get drunk with your lover but avoid any unpleasant memories the next morning? My best advice is (just like drinking with your buddies) pace yourself. Don't get so plastered that your man has to babysit you. Double-fist it with a drink in one hand and a glass of water in the other. Trust me, it will benefit you in the future when you actually remember that you said "I love you" for the first time. No one ever said, "Man, I wish I had that third shot of Patron instead of water!" Because drinking can add sexy memories to date night, or it can add tears and toilets. That's up to you.