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Molly Papp, LMFT

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Lots of people flirt. Especially at work, where you spend roughly 50% of your time. Flirting helps pass the time and makes work more fun. People also flirt with the bartender, barista, sales associate, doctor, lifeguard, you name it. It's human nature. So where do relationships fit in? Do you think flirting constitutes cheating? People are torn by the issue of flirting. Some thing it's harmless and others would rather have their significant other stop bathing for a week than smile at the cute 19-year old hostess. Personally I don't see the harm in it, as long as I don't physically have to see it. I know my bf is charming and handsome, but I don't want to see other girls swoon over his dimples. If he does it when I'm not around (which I'm sure he does), why do I care? As long as your partner isn't rude or disrespectful (like giving out his or her number, for example- a definite no-no), it's just flirting. When you're with your love, focus all of your romantic attention on them. They are who matter, not some random guy or girl. And they are who you should flirt with most of the time. The other times, when you smile or are extra friendly in order to score a free scone at Starbucks? It's not a big deal, so don't create a problem where there isn't one.