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Taking a Chill Pill

I want to share my own BEST advice I've ever realized and want to share with you. This info has improved my relationship a million percent: Don't freak out. Sometimes things won't go right. You'll be apart for too long or won't have sex for a month. Be relaxed and go with the flow. There's nothing more annoying than a nervous chick (or guy) whining about you getting home 10 minutes late from work so you have to see a later showing of "Twilight" or "2 Fast 2 Furious." It's not a big deal people, so don't make it one.
Note: Ladies: chill, guys do the best they can. Guys: we let you see us naked. 'Nuff said.

PS: Things you SHOULD make a big deal out of: you caught them cheating red-handed, they forgot your birthday, they were mean to you/your friends/your family/a box of kittens for no reason, or they only focus on 'their stuff' in bed. Relationships are a give and take people, learn to embrace sharing.