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The Little Things

Sometimes it's a big fancy night out, or a gorgeous vase of red roses. Other times it's just taking your dishes to the kitchen. What am I talking about? Gestures. Big or small, it's important to appreciate the gestures your partner does for you. The other day my husband was making dinner for his friends. I mentioned that it looked good and said maybe I'd have a little. About 20 minutes later he walked into where I was studying and brought me a bowl of pasta. It was a small thing, but it really meant a lot to me. Remember those little things just as much as the big ones, and you'll have a happier outlook on your relationship. So many times we all focus on what isn't working. He always leaves his clothes on the floor. She always forgets to do that for me. He'd rather be with his friends than me. Taking a moment to think about (and openly thank) your partner for all the tiny things they do for you is essential. Plus, it makes you want to do nice things for them, which in turn leads them to do more nice things for you- a wonderful repeating cycle. Let's face it- not many people can afford to buy you extravagant presents or fly you around the country. But is that really love? Perhaps it is in some cases- it's different for every relationship. But a guy (or girl) who will bring you dinner or wash your dishes? That's priceless.