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Never Trust a Man with a Ponytail and 10 Other Lessons I've Learned About Men

I thought I'd write a quick post today with an eye-catching title for all the ladies out there. There are a few things I have noticed about men in my nearly 30 years that I want to share with you all. Of course I say these (half) jokingly. So here goes!

1.  Men are pretty simple: feed them, love them, support them.
2.  Never say a bad word about a man's mother. Enough said.
3.  If a man's pants are tighter than yours don't be surprised if he spends more time with his "guy friends" than you. They're not just playing X-Box.
4.  Manners make the man (okay this is a quote from "The Kingsman" but it's true!)- men who treat women like women (pulling out a chair, opening the car door) are worth their weight in gold.  
5.  There's a difference between  being friendly and flirting. Men know it and so do you. If your man crosses the line (or if you do)- something is missing. Talk about it.
6. Men hate nagging. They don't want to kiss/cuddle/touch their mothers. Even if he leaves the dishes in the sink for the 100th time just let it go! Unless you want your bed to be just a place to sleep.
7. Men like being taken care of too. Little stuff like writing him love letters or doing his laundry go a long way.
8. Men brag too (about us women). So give him something to brag (not complain) about. Be kind. Buy him a beer. Dress up just because. Trust me, he'll do the same.
9. Boys will be boys. No I don't mean that they will chase tail and that's okay, because it's NOT. But men like doing 'boy' stuff  like football, fighting, getting dirty, talking about cars and sports for hours on end. Let him do him. Join in if he asks, but otherwise, let him be a guy.
10. Never trust a man who's obsessed with his reflection and spends more time getting ready than you do. (or who has a ponytail and borrows your hair ties)

Hope this helps you lovely ladies out there navigating the challenging but wonderful world of dating and relationships. :)