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Why Potato Chips Are a Metaphor For Life

There is nothing like a greasy, salty, delicious bag of crunchy potato chips. Once you start eating, there is no way to stop a just one chip. But after you devour half a bag or so, you feel gross. The craving is satisfied but you are left with slimy hands and a pit in your stomach.

This is a metaphor for so many things in life. Especially things that are not good for your soul. What you expose your mind and your body to envelopes your life. If you feed your mind with knowledge, it will grow. If you nourish your body with healthy food, it too will thrive. And if you take time to nurture your spirit, peace will find its way into your world.

So why does this seem easier said than done? Because it can be near impossible to stop at one chip. Or end an emotionally lacking relationship that has intense passion. Or make yourself go for a walk when your body is begging you to stay in bed. Or read a book when there's a Modern Family marathon on TV. Point being, if you fill your life (and body and soul), with trash and empty calories, you will not grow. (at least, not in the good way)

No one is perfect. Sometimes all you need is a potato chip binge. From time to time, that can be good for your soul. But not if you find yourself constantly going to that same old bag of chips, day after day. And not if you use those chips to avoid feeling lonely or depressed. And not if you wake up with regret the next day. Any habit that drains you and doesn't help you is not a good habit to have.

Taking care of yourself sometimes means putting down the remote and going for a walk. Or choosing to go out with a friend instead of staying at home by yourself. Or even ending that relationship you know deep inside isn't going anywhere.

Next time that shiny chip bag calls your name, remember this: they will never fill you up, never leave you satisfied. You will constantly be hungry if you don't give your body, mind and soul, the high quality nourishment you need and ultimately deserve.