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Molly Papp, LMFT

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Sex, intimacy, and relationship therapy

Sex for him, sex for her....this isn't the movies folks

Picture this: you're at that bubbly rom-com you dragged your boyfriend to and the on-screen couple that's just fallen in love (or lust) begins kissing then they tear off each other's clothes and have the most perfect, simultaneous-climax sex. Now here's your reality: you get home, both agree to sex, begin kissing, get naked, have sex for a few minutes or so, and either he finishes and you don't or you finish and then have to finish him off or....the possibilities are endless but the results the same: neither of you has an orgasm at the same time. If you do, please tell me your secret because it's only happened to me a couple of times. It's hard to do that- and it doesn't have to be your goal. It's okay to have sex that he loves and you're just so-so about. Or maybe you get your rocks off and he's indifferent. As long as you're both trying, it's okay. You're having sex. It doesn't have to be this mind-blowing perfect experience every time. I know women often are used to a guy finishing and then rolling off and going to bed. I'm not saying that's wrong, or that you should come every time too, but maybe it's okay to do that sometimes. And women: please allow yourself to be selfish in bed. Men do it all the time. Haha- just kidding guys! But seriously, it's okay to use him like your own personal sex toy. (cheaper and more realistic than the Rabbit!) Let yourself go, ask for the position you like best, and take a really long time with foreplay. Your orgasm matters just as much as his does. Having him-sex and her-sex and we-sex are all part of a normal, healthy sex life. So is a bit of S&M, oral sex, role play, spontaneous sex, quickies, 69, and surprising your partner with something they love in bed- just to be nice. Sex isn't a perfect, always right, always equal thing. It goes up and down (literally) and in a relationship you have to just relax and enjoy the ride (literally).