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Love is....

How would you finish this question? The answer differs for everyone, and there is no 'right' one. The Merriam-Webster defines love as, "A feeling of strong or constant affection for a person." You could love your mom, lover, best friend or pet (because they are people too, in my opinion). I think the answer to this question tells you a lot about a person. If someone thinks love is feeling safe, they need someone who protects them and offers reassurance. If they say love is feeling beautiful, they want compliments and validation. If they say love is security, they need someone who is stable and safe. If they feel love is an adventure, they are looking for a partner in crime. The point is that love means different things to different people, depending on their family backgrounds and what they have been through in life. I personally think love is all the things I mentioned above, but my favorite definition is that love is feeling accepted for who you are, inside and out, flaws and all. I say this because the world is rough sometimes. People can (and will) tear you down. It's easy to get overwhelmed by work, family, stress, you name it! There is nothing better than going to someone you love to get support. Love is someone who will listen to you bitch about how that crazy lady cut you off in traffic or giving you advice about how to handle that annoying boss. Love is listening to boyfriend woes, telling you how great you look at 9 months pregnant and picking up the phone at 2am when you're feeling lonely. Love is keeping you from calling your cheating ex or holding your sobbing body when you lose your mom.  There are many types of love, from romantic to familial, but at the end of the day love is pretty expansive. You know when you feel it and whom you feel it for. Whomever that is, cherish them and treat them well. Because while some love is forever, life is not. If you are lucky enough to have some type of love in your life, let that person know and maybe even ask them what they think love is. You may just be surprised by their answer.