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Molly Papp, LMFT

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Common Interests

You both like Blue Moon. And National Lampoon movies. And Tupac. That doesn't mean you're soul mates, but it does count for something. Finding a partner whom you'll be able to handle all the horrible and wonderful things life throws at you is tough. But here are a few words of advice: besides her skin that's softer than silk, her crystal blue eyes and her perfect butt, what do you two actually have in common? Shared passions is huge in making a relationship last. Not just superficial things like physical beauty (which fades, like lust, over time) or fun things like favorite movies and books. Real things in common, like a shared love of pets, kids, staying in on Saturday nights, leading an active life, the same morals- stuff that's the same at 20 as it is at 70. Because a cute guy whose sense of humor makes your belly ache will keep you happy far longer than one whose smokin hot with a so-so personality. I know it sounds hokey to say, but it really is the internal stuff that matters. Besides a strong physical connection, you need to feel comfortable around your life partner. And after a long day, nothing is more comfortable than sharing what you love with the one you love.