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Molly Papp, MS, MPH, CSAT, LMFT #88196

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Molly Papp, LMFT

You deserve a beautiful life

Sex, intimacy, and relationship therapy


Romantic relationships are wonderful. (most of the time!) But they come with more pressure. Not exactly pressure to look great all the time or always be in a good mood (we all know that can't last forever), but pressure to help take care of the other person emotionally and physically. You can't ignore your wife for a month because you're busy and then call her up and ask if she'd like to get lunch and a mani-pedi. But you best friend on the other hand- you can. You can call her at 2am and she'll listen to you cry about that manipulative jerk who broke your heart. You can talk about yourself for the entire talk and it's okay, she'll listen. You can show up at her door with no makeup, wet hair, and tub of ice cream and it'll be the best night ever. Having a good friend is wonderful. It's what gets us through life. They're like a hot cup of sweet cocoa on a blistery cold night. They're always there to warm your soul and cheer you up. As much as I love my bf, if anything were to happen I know that I'd be okay because I have good friends in my life to make me smile, no matter what. No conditions, no rules, just friendship.