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Mixed Signals

They say that women are hard to read. Who is 'they' by the way? This huge group of people who know what's best? Anyway, I digress. But the common perception is that women are crazy. We don't say what we want, we send mixed signals, we are sooo confusing. Sorry to 'they' but I say bull shit! Yes we do sometimes change our minds, but it's usually for a reason. And it's usually a good reason. And we usually will say that reason. We don't want to date you after finding out that you kissed our friend, or we slept together and it was awful, or maybe you keep putting your friends before us. Maybe these reasons for wanting space are 'crazy,' but they seem logical to me. Men, for as tough and strong as they claim to be, are total cowards when it comes to them changing their minds and not wanting do something (like date or bring you flowers anymore). They can be passive aggressive and be suddenly 'busy' when they used to be free all the time. My personal view is that men are hunters. Biologically speaking it's true. So when the lion kills the zebra, it ain't gonna look at that zebra licking it's chops anymore. It might lazily turn it's head as the zebra walks by. But if a gazelle comes around? Suddenly the zebra is hungry again...Get my analogy? Women on the other hand don't get tired of the same lion after one meal. We may want that lion to shave his mane every once and awhile, but it's not appearance that honestly hinders desire-it's a lack of what women crave more than chocolate, trashy TV, shopping and mani-pedis: it's attention. Let me write that in capital letters to get my point across: ATTENTION! We need it, want it, crave it, have to have it. Give us that and we are yours forever. It's simple! But men, why do you always need a shiny new toy (that could apply to the new gadget, watch, car, or woman)? It's annoying and frustrating and mystifying all at once. And I know that I may not have much of a point by writing this, but for all the ladies out there (single, dating, married, whatever), I think will agree with me that we are tired of the 'crazy' label. Women know what they want and that doesn't change after they've eaten the zebra. After all, lionesses are the real hunters.