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I met a couple today that's been married twelve years. They have three kids. And they got married after only 6 months of dating. How do you think they acted? After that much time, many marriages are in the comfortable phase. Many have lost their spark. And many are in trouble. Jobs, kids, stress, changing bodies, boring sex- it all adds up to a lot of work to keep a relationship fresh. So, back to the couple. They were all over each other. Not in a gross way, but in a fun, sexy way. They cuddled, held hands for a bit, laughed together. It was so refreshing to see a couple that was still in love and happy after that many years. I know in the grand scheme of things twelve years isn't a whole lot. But let's face it- the divorce rate in our country is 50% and lots of people split up after only a few years or at over 20. Seeing this couple gave me hope for the future. Add the fact that they got married quickly and it's even more amazing. They told me "when you know, you know." There's a lesson in this couple. They were on a date. No kids, just them. And they had me take a picture of them snuggling together by the fire. It's vital to take the time to nourish your relationship away from your children. Without a strong foundation you have nothing holding the family together. My mom always told me: Put your marriage first, and your kids second. That's good advice. So for those of you who are married, I hope that your marriage will be fresh and romantic after two, twelve, twenty years- just like the sweet couple I met. A sweet and fulfilling relationship that lasts through the thick and thin? That's all any of us can hope for.