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Yeah but....

 The other day in class we learned that words are everything when it comes to relationships. How you say things is so critical. For example, if you told your boyfriend that he needs to help you with your car because you don't know how to do it and that's his job you're going to sound like a nag. That's the number one thing you DON'T want to do. Don't nag- it reminds him of his mother. Not hot- sorry mom. Instead, if you asked your boyfriend to help you with your car because he's amazing at that kind of stuff and you'd be really grateful (wink, wink) if he helped you, you're way more likely to get his help and he'll be happy giving it.

When it comes to communicating with you partner about your wants and needs (another essential skill, we aren't mind readers people) try saying "I think xyz and....." not "I think xyz but..." Saying but is a negative word. It disqualifies everything you just said. Here's an example of a conversation with and and but- see if you can see the difference.
Husband: Honey you look great today.
Wife: Yeah but this dress has a hole in it so it looks kind of weird. Thanks though honey.
Husband: Uhhhh, okay you're welcome. (feeling deflated and less likely to compliment you in the future)
Husband: Honey you look great today
Wife: Yeah and this dress isn't even new. Thanks honey.
Husband: You're welcome (feeling satisfied with himself)
Next time you're trying to say something or responding to your partner remember to use and. It's positive and your point will be heard in a better light than if you say but. If you're trying to tell your partner something and he says "Yeah I hear you, but...." it is irritating as heck. I may or may not be speaking from personal experience here :-)  And adds to conversations, while but puts things behind. Pun intended!